How to Keep Skin Moisturized in Cold Weather

Daily rituals and weekly beauty care must be constantly adapted to changes in temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to modify your care program to be as beautiful and when the mercury dropped below zero degrees Celsius. Do not know where should you start? Never mind,  we will present today the most important issues that need to be mindful.

Skin Care
If rules are not respected, it will dry out and will be at risk of premature aging. Use a sunscreen daily fat, powerful moisturizer for both face, and neck - many of us often forget it, but you should know that it is the first to betray the age, because for most women, the first wrinkles appear on the neck. Also, do not forget your hands - even if you wear gloves, protect them every day with a layer of cream.
For added hydration, apply cream to wet skin layer, after shower, when pores are open.
Regarding the skin, you know probably the daily hydration, using a sunscreen with a UV filter is a basic rule. 

Dedicate 10 minutes every week to exfoliate yout skin

If you feel the skin on hands, feet and elbows are often dry, is because the layer of the epidermis could be “dead” on the surface, which can be easily removed by peeling. You can use special creams for that, but you can prepare a home exfoliating product. In a bowl, mix half a cup of coarse salt with a tablespoon of olive oil, few drops of lemon juice, grapefruit or orange. Apply the mixture in the areas mentioned. The skin will get a smoother look and you’ll feel much more relaxed.

Avoid drying and cracking of lips

Many of us complain that dry winter lips frequently and are at risk of “crack”, which is also uncomfortable and ugly. Avoid this by applying lipgloss day and night.

Ten tips:

# Keep the skin and hair clean.
# Avoid sleeping face down. If possible, sleep on your back.
# Drink at least 1.5 liters of water.
# Use an alcohol-free toner to clean your pores.