How to Get Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of repeated Epilators problem, use laser to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. This modern method of gaining more and more followers, but there are voices that question the effectiveness and safety of this technique.
Find out in this article answers all your questions.

laster heair removal 

At what risk you expose yourself?
Most of the clinics where the laser hair removal is performed using equipment approved by the Ministry of Health. Before choosing the clinic, inform yourself about it, about doctors and equipment used. Avoid such complications.
How much?
Price varies depending on the clinic you choose. As the surface is higher, so the service price increases.
If you want to get rid of mustache pay 200 euros to 500 euros, between 500 and 800 euros for bikini and leg exceeds 1,000 euros.
Who can call this method?
The laser does not fit all. He can do miracles to some, but at the same time may give poor results in others. Also, after each stage of treatment should make an assessment to ensure that no complications occurred. Ensure that the person you’ve been entrusted has the experience and training necessary to not put your health at risk.
There are contraindications?
Ideal candidate has dark hair, with strong roots and skin color is rather pale. She should not have problems with skin in place that wants to epilator.
It also is forbidden to sunbathe during treatment. Between sessions should not use another long-term hair removal method (wax, cream or electric epilator), but the razor blade.
It is painful?
Most women say yes. It appears that you have to suffer to be beautiful. Fortunately the pain disappears as soon as the session ends. For those with sensitive skin, there are some clinics who apply before the meeting an anesthetic cream.
Are there side effects?
Like other hair removal techniques, laser shows risks, more or less severe and temporary: a variable intensity of pain, redness, swelling and bruising.
These symptoms should disappear within 48 hours. There are serious problems in certain cases, such as bags of liquid, burns and infections.
The problem is that for each session are other hairs that are removed. For these reasons several sessions are necessary.
Their number varies depending on each hair type, requiring an average of 6-8 weeks. Between sessions, leave a space of 7-10 days.
What are the results?
It differs from person to person. Almost no clinical guarantees you a loss of hair 100%. After treatment, the hair may have further to rise another two to three months, but he will be less visible, less often.